Knitting Updates

I had to create a whole new shelf in the closet just for winter hats. They really are a quick and satisfying project. Recently I’ve completed 2 cuties. Both with the on-trend fur pom-pom addition (see The Needle Emporium to order).

First up is a free pattern from Ravelry called Pennyroyal (see pattern here) done in a worsted weight tweed…


The next was another quick aran knit. I had some left over Arranmore from the sweater in the above pic. It’s merino wool with cashmere and silk so super soft and lovely! I used a Maria Socha pattern called Magnolia


Yes, I splurged on the Arranmore but it is soooooooooo scrumptious! It was originally bought for the popular Veronkika Cardi by Very Shannon. Love it! Warm and cozy! I did the smallest size. Blocking is a MUST to get the size right. I wet blocked it and stretched it a bit longer because I wanted more tush coverage. Annoying to wear under a coat so bring it in the car with you if you live in cold Canada…


Oops Hat

Every now and then you make an oops with picking a size. I find it especially difficult when picking a hat size. I find the sizing sort of a personal preference and I often find that hats stretch out more than you think. That being said I chose the smaller size for the “Topiary Hat” I told you about in my last post. It was looking beautiful and half way done when I was able to semi-try it on and realize that it was going to be uncomfortably tight and not slouchy looking enough…




The lace pattern does look gorgeous though eh! Too bad the hat now looks like this…


Lol! Poor hat. Oh well, at least I really know all of the symbols for the lace chart now and I’ll be able to whip the larger size out in no time. Stay tuned for take two…

Bye Bye March Break

I refuse to get the Sunday blues today because not everyone can say that they just had a week off work. That being said where does the time go! I need more days to get John’s sweater done. If you think I even got the front finished you’d be very wrong. If you guessed I started another project then you know me well.

I love the book “Weekend Hats” and have always wanted to make something from it…


It was hard to pick the first one to do but after going through my yarn stash which has only recently been unpacked from the UK (we haven’t moved yet because the bathroom is still being renovated but I can go over to the house we are renting and get some of my things) I was able to narrow it down to this one…the “Topiary Beanie”…

It’s got a lovely lace pattern in the front and slouchy at the back.

I discovered 3 balls of Lousia Harding yarn at the bottom of the bucket…

The gauge appeared to be perfect and the colour would show off the lace pattern nicely so I went with it.

The tubular cast-on instructions in this book were not as good as the one I just did for the Jared Flood leaflet for the “Altair” hat but it worked out in the end and I was off and running…



I’ve finished 2 of the 3 lace pattern repeats. It’s been a fun one, hard to do a knit 4 together with fluffy yarn but I’m managing!

Purple Flower Hat

I think I’m on a bit of a hat kick right now. I’ve been meaning to do this Flower Hat by Rebecca Lennox for some time. You can find the pattern here


It’s a double knit so it’s going pretty fast…



The wool is from a mill in New Zealand that I got when I was living there many moons ago now. It’s a pretty colour but unfortunately a bit scratchy so I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good choice for a hat but…whatever! When you are done the hat then you knit the four flowers and sew them on. Check out the link I included above which goes to the ravelry page and you can see some other cute hats that people have done with this pattern. I should have read the pattern more closely first because I assumed that the flower was knit into the hat and I was excited to see how that would go, oh well.

Finished Altair Cap

I’m sure there are many people out there who think that I would never finish another knitting project every again! Not true 🙂 I finished my Altair Cap, click here for the ravelry description…


I love it! It’s very comfy and was fun to knit. I was worried that it wouldn’t fit because I find that Madeline Tosh yarn looks so tight and teeny when I’m knitting it but it stretches like mad. I’m still happy with the colours I chose but I still think it needed more of a contrast…




(Note: It was meant to be a about 6″ from the cast-on before you start the crown shaping but I was knit happy and went almost 8″. I didn’t bother taking it out so it’s just slouchier than it should have been. Fine with me.)

I have enough sock yarn left to do another hat for sure…


I’m going to use the pinky colour and some of mom’s darker purple to do another one I think. There will be a better contrast…


I took all of these pictures on the way to finally getting my hair done. I was so sick last week I had to cancel. Now I don’t need to wear a hat because it’s presentable now! I missed such a good hairdresser. One thing I missed about Canada!…


Altair Cap

I have forgotten how tedious ribbing is on a 2.25 needle! My Altair Cap “tam” is coming along. I feel like I’ve knit a lot but am not at the fun colour work yet, almost there.

The tubular cast on is as nice as people have been saying. It really gives a nice stretch to the hat. The instructions in the pattern were super easy to follow as well. No more worrying if your cast on is too tight…

20140129-101040 am.jpg

It’s growing and yes that is a rainbow loom band marking the beginning of the row…

20140129-101111 am.jpg

I’m keen to get to the next colour though. I love that pinky dove grey…

20140129-101300 am.jpg
Hopefully I’ll get to it tonight after yoga.