Lucky Girl

Some may say I’m spoiled but I say I just have the most thoughtful and wonderful mom ever! You be the judge once you see the present she finished and just dropped off at the door…




I feel so lucky and loved! Thanks mom.

It’s done in my new colour obsession light turquoise blue. It’s Zara Plus super wash so will be easy to wash. The pattern is called Girasole, adapted from a doily pattern, I believe, by Jared Flood. You can find it on Ravelry here.

Altair Cap

I have forgotten how tedious ribbing is on a 2.25 needle! My Altair Cap “tam” is coming along. I feel like I’ve knit a lot but am not at the fun colour work yet, almost there.

The tubular cast on is as nice as people have been saying. It really gives a nice stretch to the hat. The instructions in the pattern were super easy to follow as well. No more worrying if your cast on is too tight…

20140129-101040 am.jpg

It’s growing and yes that is a rainbow loom band marking the beginning of the row…

20140129-101111 am.jpg

I’m keen to get to the next colour though. I love that pinky dove grey…

20140129-101300 am.jpg
Hopefully I’ll get to it tonight after yoga.

It’s Saved

For weeks now I’ve just had the mitred square neck to do on the Boardwalk vest. I leave for home next Tuesday so I really wanted to get it done. The neck was fun to do and really quick because you are decreasing 6 stitches every right side row…


I also love how the neck and shoulder finishing is all done at the same time, such a time saver…


As you remember from previous posts I have been very stressed that the vest would turn out too small. Here it is all done before blocking, looking quite tiny…


I decided to wet block it as the instructions read and I think having it fully wet really helped me to block it out nice and stretched. I think blocking wires would help in future but I did my best…


When it was dry this morning I unpinned and voila it fit perfectly, yeah!…



I was so relieved that it held its stretched out shape and looked even better than before blocking actually. The bottom ridges look a lot more like the picture in the pattern when they are blocked out too. It has a lovely drape now and is really soft from the soak I used when I wet it. I can’t wait for Julie to see it and to wear it on April 27 at the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto.

Knit Knit Little Red

Confession…I think I misjudged the gauge on my Boardwalk vest and it may be a bit small. Hmmmmmm…I’m usually very careful about these things etc. but not sure what I was thinking exactly lol!!! It definitely fits but will need some serious wet blocking. Oh well, I’ll salvage it, not fretting drastically yet. You be the judge…





I’ve picked up for the neck which took a bit to figure out and now for the fun mitred square bit. I don’t know how much that will pull things in at the front but we’ll see.

For now John and I are off to Rome for 3 days so no knitting. Unfortunately, we are stuck at the airport because the flight is 2 hrs delayed. Can’t complain though because I am getting to go to Italy for the first time! Gelato updates to follow (I’ll definitely get pistachio to start!)

Knitting and Comfort Food

I’ve been knitting up a storm and finally got to the armhole split in the Boardwalk vest. The front stickies are being held while I work the back…



As you knit up the back you start to increase for the sleeve caps. You also work the finished edge at the same time…


It was cold, wet and rainy today so aside from knitting I also cooked a yummy recipe from my new Canadian Living whole grain cookbook. I don’t think there is anything much more comforting than a bowl of spoon bread…



It’s basically a soufflé cornbread. Lady Fia’s mom made the first one I tried from a recipe by the veggie guru Molly Katzen. This one has leeks in it along with cheddar and cayenne for a kick. John better get home quick or I might eat it all!!!

Ball Down

Almost one ball down on the Knitter’s Fair Boardwalk Vest…


I’ve had a little bit of time to knit in last few days. The Tosh Light is a nice yarn to knit with and I like how the colour is coming out. It’s a nice bluey grey…


It’s grown about 2 inches…


The Big Reveal

Time to reveal this year’s Knitting Fair sweater. For the past few years I’ve knit a new sweater for the Toronto Knitters Frolic at the Japanese Cultural Centre and the KW Knitter’s Fair in the fall. Last year Lynn and I did the same one…


This year Julie and I thought a Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed pattern would be fun to try. We narrowed it down to a couple and we chose this one from Wool People 3, by Heidi Kerrmaier…


I chose Tosh Merino Light in Rainwater…


I couldn’t wait to get started and wound yarn before I left for the UK…



I didn’t particularly enjoy knitting the ribby bottom but am happy it’s done in the round from now on and good thing I had 7 hours to knit on the plane!!! I got a lot done. Here’s the progression thus far…




I think the people sitting around me on the plane thought I was crazy because I was the only one on the plane with my light on knitting through 3 1/2 movies. You’d think I would have got more done but it’s 4 ply after all, give me a break! It needs to be done by April 27 though so I think I’ll be ok. I can’t wait to get to the neck shaping part, too bad it’s at the end up at the neck!

Feels good to be home despite the nasty cold weather and snow here, ugh.