Storm watch

We are keeping our eye on the wrath of Hurricane Sandy as my Grandparents make their way to the UK for a short visit today. Hopefully all will be well and they arrive at 8:30 tonight. I have lots of fun stuff planned!

I don’t know how much time I will have to cook while they are here so I used up some red peppers the other night in another River Cottage recipe…

20121030-081744 AM.jpg
They got a little overdone but peppers are supposed to be a bit charred right!

20121030-081846 AM.jpg

20121030-081859 AM.jpg
They were very tasty anyways. I’ve never stuffed a pepper with potato before. It was simply potato, pesto and feta. Way too simple but then again some of the nicest recipes are the most simple ingredients!

I better be off doing some extra cleaning for our guests!

Neat Food

Yeah! It is the half term break here in the UK next week. A whole week off school!!! We had a friend over last night and we did some cooking to celebrate. Of course I made a River Cottage Veg recipe. I tried these Honey Roasted tomatoes…

20121027-075024 AM.jpg

20121027-075059 AM.jpg
and a chickpea and squash curry dish. I just had to show the tomatoes though because they just look so cute and snuggly in their little dish. They came out so nice and juicy yet chewy. They were perfect with the only nice bread I could find in town, a rustic sourdough. I’m finding it a challenge to find an nice bakery here and the bread in the super markets isn’t the best.

I also got this Romanesco from my Riverford box this week and almost don’t want to eat it because it looks so luxurious. The crowned points are perfection. I’ve never actually cooked one myself but am looking forward to finding a recipe today. They are nuttier than Cauliflower apparently and hold their texture and structure when cooked…

20121027-075632 AM.jpg

At the risk of being really hippie like, aren’t we blessed with nature’s lovely gifts!!!

After dinner we tucked into a homemade Dutch Apple Pie. I had the dough frozen from earlier and John actually helped me to whip up the innards because I had my hands full with all the other new recipes. Grammie would be proud of our efforts. The first slice came out beautifully and the pie held its structure, ah pie perfection…

20121027-080321 AM.jpg

20121027-080335 AM.jpg

Curry and Stripes

Most of the recipes I’ve been making recently have been from the new River Cottage Veg cookbook…


The pictures are inspiring and the recipes delicious! This week I’ve tried 3 new recipes which were simple and lovely. The spiced potatoes and spinach were delightful. I added some plain Greek yogurt to the side which was an excellent compliment…




Last night we had the marinated courgettes (zucchini) with mozzarella…


and the Leeks with Coconut Milk…


Both were yummy and I always feel super healthy munching on different veggies.

Lord Isaac’s wee cardi is also flying along. Back done…


and the left front is started…


We’ll see how much I can get done this weekend! One more week until the half-term break. I’m looking forward to the break but mostly I’m looking forward to the exciting news that my Grandparents are coming to visit!!! I’m already planning some surprises!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Not exactly a big holiday here in the UK, I actually have to work tomorrow! Horrifying! I paid homage to my homeland today though by staging my own Canadian Thanksgiving. Of course it was a veg meal but I think the visitors enjoyed their meal. Of course I made the family pumpkin pie recipe. I also tried 4 new recipes, which of course you aren’t supposed to do for company but it was John’s parents so I didn’t think they’d mind. I made a baby beet root tarte tatin and squash pots with a creamy leek filling (this was the show stopping piece) from Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall’s cookbook Veg. From our new family favourite Vegetarian Canadian Living book, I made a fennel, celery, apple and red grade salad with poppy seed dressing. Finally, from vegetarian guru Molly Katzen’s Vegetables I can’t live without, I made green beans almandine (basically just almonds roasted in butter and garlic and added to cooked beans). It was all a massive hit if I do say so myself!!! The beet tarte was especially tasty.

I had to make the pie first with my special pie apron!…

20121007-083035 PM.jpg

20121007-083053 PM.jpg

20121007-083109 PM.jpg

Then the all day cookfest began…

20121007-083155 PM.jpg
Aren’t leeks pretty!

20121007-083222 PM.jpg

A tarte tatin is cooked upside down and I was able to use my cute pumpkin covered plate to serve…

20121007-083740 PM.jpg

20121007-083759 PM.jpg

20121007-083814 PM.jpg

Before the carnage…

20121007-083902 PM.jpg

20121007-083934 PM.jpg

And of course the aftermath and my clean up fairy…

20121007-084046 PM.jpg

I hope everyone has a great holiday, spent with family and friends.