Happy Halloween

First of all, I know some are looking forward to a Tuscany post but it’s overwhelming to write about something so beautiful so I’m putting it off! I had to post for Halloween though, I love dressing up. In the last few years I have often used the Vulcan ears dad got me from Vulcan Alberta to dress as Spock but I remember back to all of the wonderful costumes my mom used to sew me as well. She likes to remember that I always gave her a hard time that she would never finish them in time. Of course she always did finish them though and never let me down. I’m sure she was sewing into the wee hours of the morning to finish around a busy mom’s schedule!

This year I made sure that I finished my non-traditional Halloween quilt to show off. I’ve had the sandwich done for months but hadn’t done the quilting. I couldn’t decide what to do but in the end went for a squiggly meandering line because I thought it looked a bit spooky. It sits proudly on the couch today…


I played round with the new iPhone photo filters to try and capture the magic of this quilt…







For those that want to try this quilt pattern out I used Elizabeth Hartman’s “Kitchen Windows” from her book…



Happy Halloween everyone and I promise a Tuscany trip post soon!

Happy Halloween

Live long and prosper this Halloween…

20121031-104036 PM.jpg

A Vulcan is pretty much my go-to costume ever since my dad got these ears for me in Vulcan, Alberta! I wore them to a Halloween party a couple of weeks ago.

The UK isn’t known for its trick or treating habits but it has grown in popularity over the years and I should have had some candy on hand. I was mortified when 4 lovely ghouls came to the door and I had to apologise profusely for forgetting to get candy. They looked so down hearted but said it was ok. I’m glad they were young and had parents near by or I’d have been worried they would have egged our door later! I felt so guilty afterwards. Shame on me!