Sorry Isaac

Does this sweater count as my first crafty piece of the New Year? I worked the ends in and sewed on the buttons…I’m going to say it counts!…

20130104-110742 AM.jpg

20130104-110809 AM.jpg

20130104-110835 AM.jpg

20130104-110859 AM.jpg

This is from Debbie Bliss’ Baby Cashmerino 2…


You really can’t go wrong with stripes on a baby, unless that said baby is too big to wear the sweater! In this case dear little Lord Isaac could probably just fit into this 9-12mth sized cardi but alas he may have needed to be pried out! I assumed this might be the case but I only had yarn for this size because I was going to make it and have it ready for when he was born…my fault. I managed his mom’s expectations though and she kindly agreed that I would keep it for another baby to be born. I have a good friend expecting in February so if its a boy…

(Oh, incidentally, I have also made the shrug on the front cover. Very cute indeed, but it did need a huge soaking of a block to have it lay flat. You can see it here on my ravelry page… Hania’s Shrug)

Crafty Update

I promise I still knit and sew. I don’t just cook all the time! I need to finish up this baby cardi for Lord Isaac for Christmas. He looks devastatingly handsome in stripes so this should work well for him! How long the giant will fit in it is another question. Just working on the end of the 2nd sleeve then I will sew it together…

20121117-103505 AM.jpg

I haven’t knit a lot with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino but it is nice. It’s very soft and squidgy which is always a nice combo. It comes in a wide array of modern colours too, goody.

On a more exciting note, my lovely John has a surprise for me this weekend and for the first time EVER I haven’t been able to crack him into giving away a hint of what we are doing? Hmmmmmm curiouser and curiouser!

Curry and Stripes

Most of the recipes I’ve been making recently have been from the new River Cottage Veg cookbook…


The pictures are inspiring and the recipes delicious! This week I’ve tried 3 new recipes which were simple and lovely. The spiced potatoes and spinach were delightful. I added some plain Greek yogurt to the side which was an excellent compliment…




Last night we had the marinated courgettes (zucchini) with mozzarella…


and the Leeks with Coconut Milk…


Both were yummy and I always feel super healthy munching on different veggies.

Lord Isaac’s wee cardi is also flying along. Back done…


and the left front is started…


We’ll see how much I can get done this weekend! One more week until the half-term break. I’m looking forward to the break but mostly I’m looking forward to the exciting news that my Grandparents are coming to visit!!! I’m already planning some surprises!!!

Lucky Boy

My arms are feeling the knitting ache! I have mailed Lord Isaac’s blue cardi and have started on his stripped Christmas number. I only had enough for the 9-12 mth size so I thought I better get on the move!

I’ve chosen a Debbie Bliss pattern using Baby Cashmerino yarn…


I’ve chosen similar colours but a little less baby blue. I’m half done the back…



The plan is to get it done for Christmas! Keep ya posted.