Foodie Update

Not sure what I was thinking but I decided to make a new recipe that apparently could feed an army while John is away. It’s hard to cook for two sometimes but for one is a bit ridiculous. I like to follow the recipe the first time out and then make changes so I’m not sure why I decided on a mushroom risotto for 8.




Grammie gave me the new Canadian Living Whole Grain Recipes cookbook when they came to stay and I haven’t made anything yet. I’m glad I did because this was delicious. Needed a bit of salt and extra parm but I love the mushroom!

I’ve been slacking on the new recipe front lately so I also made this barley, avocado, tomato and black bean salad from the same book…


This one was a huge yummy wow but then again I love anything with a lime, chilli and cilantro flavour. I haven’t always used a lot of pearl barley to cook with but I have to say that I’m really enjoying the texture. In case it’s not clear from the picture, the mushroom risotto is also made with barley not rice, neat eh! (And John I froze some so you can try it too!)

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Not exactly a big holiday here in the UK, I actually have to work tomorrow! Horrifying! I paid homage to my homeland today though by staging my own Canadian Thanksgiving. Of course it was a veg meal but I think the visitors enjoyed their meal. Of course I made the family pumpkin pie recipe. I also tried 4 new recipes, which of course you aren’t supposed to do for company but it was John’s parents so I didn’t think they’d mind. I made a baby beet root tarte tatin and squash pots with a creamy leek filling (this was the show stopping piece) from Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall’s cookbook Veg. From our new family favourite Vegetarian Canadian Living book, I made a fennel, celery, apple and red grade salad with poppy seed dressing. Finally, from vegetarian guru Molly Katzen’s Vegetables I can’t live without, I made green beans almandine (basically just almonds roasted in butter and garlic and added to cooked beans). It was all a massive hit if I do say so myself!!! The beet tarte was especially tasty.

I had to make the pie first with my special pie apron!…

20121007-083035 PM.jpg

20121007-083053 PM.jpg

20121007-083109 PM.jpg

Then the all day cookfest began…

20121007-083155 PM.jpg
Aren’t leeks pretty!

20121007-083222 PM.jpg

A tarte tatin is cooked upside down and I was able to use my cute pumpkin covered plate to serve…

20121007-083740 PM.jpg

20121007-083759 PM.jpg

20121007-083814 PM.jpg

Before the carnage…

20121007-083902 PM.jpg

20121007-083934 PM.jpg

And of course the aftermath and my clean up fairy…

20121007-084046 PM.jpg

I hope everyone has a great holiday, spent with family and friends.