June Sugar Block

I’m excited because I have a lot of projects to share this week. First, I want to give special attention to the June block from the Sugar Block of the Month Club from Stichery Dickory Dock


Mom beat me to the punch this month and I was pleased to see her email a few days ago with this attachment…

Gorgeous as per usual. I love the dash of yellow.

I felt the pressure to keep up and worked on mine yesterday…



I love the square all cosy with the triangles around.


I love the fussy cut centre but realised I’d done the same for last month’s as well but in the turquoise colour way. See if you can spot them in this photo of the half-way point. How did it get to be June already!…


May Sugar Block Club

I finished my May Sugar Block of the Month Club block about a week ago but just haven’t shared. This fifth block is called “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”. Here is Stitchery Dickory Dock’s block that I needed to follow…



This was a fun one and mom said it’s here favourite of mine so far…




(Ooo, just noticed the yucky join of the bottom left block, oh well!)
I like how it turned out with the fussy cut centre. I’m also happy with my choice to keep and all white background.

Of course mom has finished hers as well. Apparently she didn’t like her first attempt but I love it!…


Her second block is gorgeous too!…


I think mom’s showing me up in this BOM club.

Oops Sorry February Block

I’ve been working on my Sugar Block Club block for March and suddenly realised that I haven’t shown off my February block, tragic!

If you remember I showed the pattern…


This pattern uses paper piecing which required a lot of extra preparation but I think it was worth it in the end. First you need to sew all of the fabric in order…




(Oooo the little middle tips almost match up perfectly!)

After the centre square was done I laid out the other pieces to make sure I matched up the different materials correctly. I went with a scrappy choice for the blues instead of one fabric. It was a lot of sewing to put the bits together…



After carefully ripping all of the paper off the block was pretty as can be, I think…


Sugar Block Club

I should have posted this in January but was waiting to have some pictures to share. Mom and I are doing the Sugar Block of the month club from Stitchery Dickory Dock


You sign up for the club and every month you get an email with a new block to make. It seems like the blocks are traditional but Amy Gibson has modernised them for easy sewing and cutting. In the email you will also get a recipe for a tasty treat. (You can still subscribe.) I decided to use my new Amy Butler Alchemy material for this year long sew along…


When the first email arrived I was excited to start. The January block was introduced as snow blossom…


I decided which fabrics I wanted to use and lost no time sewing. It came together very swiftly…






I loved doing this block so much I also did a Christmas version because I need more squares for the retro Christmas sampler quilt that I’ve been doing for about a year or so now…


There is also a Flickr group for this project so you can check out what everyone else is doing for their monthly block. Check out the group here.

I see that some people have already started on the February block so I better get going! I’ll give you a sneak peak at the pattern though. It’s called North Star…

I’m not sure which of the Alchemy fabrics I will uses for this block but I will keep you posted. I’m thinking of using 4 different ones for where the blue sits.

I hope to get pics from mom too so that you can see her lovely blocks too!