Advent Calendar

Happy December 1st everyone. For many today means starting your chocolate advent calendar for the countdown to Christmas. Yes, I still have a chocolate advent calendar!

This year John surprised me with a fancy Prestat one. (When I say surprise I mean I mentioned many times the one I wanted and he lovingly remembered and ordered it online for me.) (When I say remember I mean I wasn’t going to let him forget the most beautiful advent calendar I have ever seen while visiting the Harrods food hall last Christmas.)

Prestat chocolates are divine they are “By Appointment to her Majesty the Queen Purveyors of Chocolate”, they are also the chocolates that Roald Dahl preferred…

20131201-110913 am.jpg

20131201-110927 am.jpg

Today’s chocolate was Orange ad Frankincense. The description on the back of the box was just as yummy sounding a the real thing. “Sweet orange oil combined with aromatic frankincense infusing butter, cream and chocolate filling a velvety smooth milk chocolate truffle shell”.

I kind of feel bad because whilst John’s knitted Cadburys calendar does look cute the chocolates look sad in comparison. Take a look…

20131201-111325 am.jpg

20131201-111339 am.jpg

20131201-111348 am.jpg

Maybe I’ll share one with John as a thank you…maybe.

Unfair or Love

It’s a good thing I’m filled with Christmas cheer and that I love my husband very much because I’m not known for settling for an inferior product. Ok, let me explain…John and I decided to get each other advent calendars this year because they all look so pretty here (and because my mom is too far away to fill my normal refillable Laura Secord one)…Not blaming mom in any way but I was secretly hoping that she might have given John some chocolates to John to fill up my calendar. Yes, I know I’m a big girl but look at this thing as you can tell from the post marks it’s travelled near and far to get to me at Christmas each year…



I decided to turn the boxes over anyways…


I was absolutely fine with it until I saw the advent calendar John got me compared to the one I got him. In all fairness I did see the calendar I wanted at M&S and loved the old fashioned picture but I was horrified to see that the chocolates that emerged were the size of my pinkie finger…


Now this is the one I found for John…

Check out those gourmet chocolates! Like I said it’s a good thing he’s perfect or I’d be trading in a heart beat!!!

On a different note, I got the joy of Christmas decorating from helping friends Susie, Josie and Bruno to decorate their family tree last night. They are sooooo sweet and were full of Christmas spirit…

I’m looking forward to seeing them again on Sunday for the Harpenden carol concert.