Fall Inspiration

Well the KW Knitter’s Fair was on Saturday and it always makes me actually believe that autumn is a reality. I have a love hate relationship with fall because I think it’s one of the most beautiful seasons we have in Canada but it also signifies that winter is coming. Some people try to tell me that they love winter. Bull…!!! Seriously! Maybe you’d love winter if you lived in Whistler and could ski for free everyday but come on! It’s cold and dark and depressing, lol! The only thing I like about winter is having our fireplace on in the family room and those lovely sunny days we get where the snow is glistening, the sky is blue and all seems right with the world.

I digress…as usual I worked at Julie’s booth from the Needle Emporium at the fair. John was very cute on Saturday morning because I woke up and he was already dressed in a vest I knit him years ago. He wasn’t coming to the show but he was showing great solidarity, eh…

Noro Silk Garden

Noro Silk Garden

Here are some shots of the booth…

IMG_7468 IMG_7469 IMG_7470 IMG_7471

The Technicolour Cowl Kits were particularly popular and we almost sold out! Here’s the one mom knit for me this summer…


Don’t worry if you missed the show in Kitchener you can join us in Woodstock on October 17th at the fibre and fleece festival. Click here for more info. I haven’t been to this show in ages so am looking forward to seeing what’s what. More than anything these shows are good inspiration. I always come home and feel like knitting again.


Knitter’s Frolic 2015

As we’ve been settling in to our new house I haven’t been doing any sewing at all but have been knitting up a storm. A couple months ago Julie at the Needle Emporium text me to ask if I wanted to knit a new sweater to wear at her Knitter’s Frolic booth. (Check out the Knitter’s Frolic here.) Of course, yes right! Julie often has Lynn and I do something new for inspiration at the booth and she said that Lynn had picked a beauty little short sleeved number from the Spring 2015 Interweave Knits magazine. I’ve often picked the pattern so it’s fun that Lynn choose a nice surprise this time…

One Way Tee by Debbie O'Neill

One Way Tee by Debbie O’Neill

You can also check out the pattern and other’s knits on Ravelry, here. It’s knit in Madeline Tosh DK but I’ve knit a lot with this yarn and have been wanting to try out the newer Mrs. Crosby line. I chose a nice spring coral colour and got knitting right away. The lace arrow pattern is lovely and with the rest in stocking stitch it knits up super quick…

Colour: Hot Pimento

Colour: Hot Pimento

A quick start

A quick start

Follow your arrow...

Follow your arrow…

Back done!

Back done!

Cute saddle shoulder sleeves

Cute saddle shoulder sleeves

I just have a wee bit to do on the front and I’ll be ready to sew it together. I’m doing the 34 1/2″ size (2nd size) but I think I would have liked the 38″ finished size as well. I looks nice in the picture a bit looser fitting but mine will be more a tighter fitting Tee I think. It will need a good block out. I’m sure it will be fine, we’ll see. As always I measured the finished bust of a knit tee I already like to wear. I know it will be fine but it looks so curled at the edges that I unreasonably worry. I have enjoyed knitting with Mrs. Crosby, carpet bag. It’s very soft and the colour is coming up nicely. The Frolic is at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto on April 25 and 26. The booths are only open Saturday the 25th though. Come by and see the final product, it’s always a good show with lots of booths.

Settling in…

Well, John and I have moved into our new house in Kitchener and we’ve been enjoying settling in, that’s for sure! I’m very lucky to have my dream kitchen for cooking and baking and a lovely new sewing space! Let the fun begin! Of course it feels very grown up to own a home. It’s fun to have a space to make our own though and it’s coming along nicely…


We back onto a woods so I think I will have a lot of inspiration while sewing and cooking in years to come…

IMG_5911 IMG_6407

Yes, that’s Lady Fia. Her brother and her have enjoyed lots of time with us already…IMG_6387 IMG_6535 IMG_6556

The cookbooks are unpacked too and we’ve been enjoying the open concept layout to cook up some tasty treats…

IMG_6352 IMG_6353

Our house is a bungalow with a walkout, finished basement which has a perfectly gorgeous sewing space. There was no question I’d set up in front of the fireplace and overlooking the woods…IMG_6635 IMG_6636 IMG_6638

I’m fairly set up now and am looking forward to sewing something over the weekend! Of course I have a sweater I need to be knitting for the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic in a couple of weeks. Check out the show here. I’ll be there working with the Needle Emporium.

Knitting Update

First, I finally got some Jona Gold apples and whipped up this apple butter from Moody Little KitchenIMG_5661.JPG




Now…I said I would share the lace wrap mom is doing for me. I just got word that she’s on the last row! It’s a beautiful pattern from Ysolda called Orchid Thief. I chose Madeline Tosh Fingering weight from the Needle Emporium.




I’ve also been wearing this Lonely Tree Shawl a lot as well. It’s the smaller version. It just wraps around enough…




Needle Emporium

I had a fabulous day yesterday working at the Needle Emporium with mom. I hadn’t worked there in awhile and had forgotten how fun it can be to help people shop for yarn! The owner of the store, Julie, keeps a well stocked store with new things arriving everyday. It’s like a big treasure chest! If you can’t find something to knit with here you don’t really want to knit 🙂

I haven’t shown pics of the store for awhile now so take a look at the inspiration…






You need to look up and down and all around for lots of cute goodies…





Lots of great accessories too…


Mom tries to keep it all organized…


It’s fun to see what people are buying. Lots if Christmas knitting is happening right now and baby gifts. Cowls and wraps are popular too. I found a cowl I’d love to do. Even picked colours. This chateau yarn from Classic Elite is to die for soft…


I like the purple and green and mom liked the blues of course!

If you haven’t been to the store in awhile then time to go! I did break down and get one treat for a lacy project that mom is going to do for me. Stay tuned, it’s a beauty…

Lucky Girl

Some may say I’m spoiled but I say I just have the most thoughtful and wonderful mom ever! You be the judge once you see the present she finished and just dropped off at the door…




I feel so lucky and loved! Thanks mom.

It’s done in my new colour obsession light turquoise blue. It’s Zara Plus super wash so will be easy to wash. The pattern is called Girasole, adapted from a doily pattern, I believe, by Jared Flood. You can find it on Ravelry here.

Knitter’s Frolic

It was an early morning today! Up at 5 to meet at the Needle Emporium. I was helping with Julie’s booth at the Downtown Knit Collective’s Knitter’s Frolic at the Japanese Cultural Centre. If you haven’t been before it is well worth the trip. This year Julie featured the new Mrs. Crosby yarn. It comes in 5 weights and Julie has it first in the world! The names of the yarn are travel themed so Julie planned a baggage carousel idea with old fashioned trunks and cases. It was a lovely set up!…








The yarn itself is dreamy and I got to touch many samples today. Everyone loved this cute hat that was done it two colours of the fingering weight. Find it on Ravelry, called Anemone or click here.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay the whole day because we had already planned to take Lady Fia to see a Dora play at the Randolph Theatre in Toronto. It was well worth it and she loved it! See the before and after pics in the car lol!! She’s way too precious and beautiful…


Good day!

Fixed Topiary

Remember the Topiary Hat that I had to take out because I did the smaller size?…

From this book…


Well…I started on the larger size and it went perfectly. It was a much better fit. Too bad the snow has all melted; although, I hear a nasty rumour we may get more snow on Monday so maybe I’ll get a chance to wear it this year after all…








Oops Hat

Every now and then you make an oops with picking a size. I find it especially difficult when picking a hat size. I find the sizing sort of a personal preference and I often find that hats stretch out more than you think. That being said I chose the smaller size for the “Topiary Hat” I told you about in my last post. It was looking beautiful and half way done when I was able to semi-try it on and realize that it was going to be uncomfortably tight and not slouchy looking enough…




The lace pattern does look gorgeous though eh! Too bad the hat now looks like this…


Lol! Poor hat. Oh well, at least I really know all of the symbols for the lace chart now and I’ll be able to whip the larger size out in no time. Stay tuned for take two…

Bye Bye March Break

I refuse to get the Sunday blues today because not everyone can say that they just had a week off work. That being said where does the time go! I need more days to get John’s sweater done. If you think I even got the front finished you’d be very wrong. If you guessed I started another project then you know me well.

I love the book “Weekend Hats” and have always wanted to make something from it…


It was hard to pick the first one to do but after going through my yarn stash which has only recently been unpacked from the UK (we haven’t moved yet because the bathroom is still being renovated but I can go over to the house we are renting and get some of my things) I was able to narrow it down to this one…the “Topiary Beanie”…

It’s got a lovely lace pattern in the front and slouchy at the back.

I discovered 3 balls of Lousia Harding yarn at the bottom of the bucket…

The gauge appeared to be perfect and the colour would show off the lace pattern nicely so I went with it.

The tubular cast-on instructions in this book were not as good as the one I just did for the Jared Flood leaflet for the “Altair” hat but it worked out in the end and I was off and running…



I’ve finished 2 of the 3 lace pattern repeats. It’s been a fun one, hard to do a knit 4 together with fluffy yarn but I’m managing!