Pita Pride

A couple weeks ago I wanted a baking challenge so I decided to tackle the Pita Pocket from the Jan-Feb Milk Street Magazine. I’m going to brag a little here because man did they turn out fab! Actually, they were super easy and I feel foolish for not making them sooner…


Look at that Puff!

I really followed the directions for these babies. There were lots of helpful pics in the recipe too. Check out the process…


Make the dough and let it rise.


Weigh those suckers to get an even size.


Form into cute little balls.


A second rise does the trick. Then swipe with a touch of light oil (I used grapeseed).

Cooking was the fun part. It took some attention though because you can only put 2-3 in the oven at once. They only cook for 3 min in a 500F oven, yup that’s super hot…


I used my pizza peel to slide them in.


I also used my pizza stone.


They’re puffing, they’re puffing! Awe, pride, success!


There was some inconsistent puffing but WHATEVER because they worked. They even had a pocket…


How cool is that! I’m getting excited again just writing about them. They didn’t just look pretty. They tasted scrumptious too…



Hummous dipping time. 

Please try this recipe if you grab the mag. I’ll be making these again for sure.



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