Woodstock Fleece Festival

I know this is a bit late but I wanted to share a few moments from the Woodstock Fleece and Fibre festival a few weekends ago. It’s a large show at the fair grounds with a ton of exhibits and animal demonstrations.

I was able to finish “Gale”. I think it turned out really well, even if I did misread the pattern and did the back the same as the front. If I hadn’t told you you wouldn’t even have known! Basically the purled rib pattern that goes half-way across the front was supposed to go all the way across for the back, whatever. I also made the neck shorter than the pattern said because I’m not always a fan of the turtle neck…

IMG_7674 IMG_7670 IMG_7668 IMG_7666

Lynn looks lovely in the Remy Poncho.

Lynn looks lovely in the Remy Poncho. (See here for pattern on Ravelry.)

It’s fun at the show to try on other things you may like to knit. Of course I wanted to try Remy too…

IMG_7687 IMG_7684

I like it! Not sure if I’ll do it yet though.

I also tried to pick some colours for the Lilli Pilli shawl. You can see the Ravelry page for it here. Mom did it in a nice light turquoise with white and grey stripes. I’m thinking more like…

IMG_7691 IMG_7690 IMG_7689

We’ll see!

It was a good day at the fair and if you haven’t been it’s worth going to. I even had a surprise visitor!…

My Grammie!

My Grammie!

Grammie and Pa came for a quick look around. They said the Farmer’s market beside the hall was also very good.


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