Wedding Quilt 

Time’s a tickin’… John and I have a dear friend getting married in Eastbourne, UK by the sea on July 4th and I need to finish the quilt I started months ago for their present…

Wanted to do this one for awhile now!

I decided on this lovely Jeni Baker pattern, found here. I’m doing the Twin size as I think it’s nicer to cuddle under than a throw size. It’s and extra row longer and one triangle wider which I think will make it that much bigger. (20 triangles by 13 rows.) It’s going well and I’m currently half done…


Pretty Little Mix Eh!

I’m using Anna Maria Hormer fabric from her Field Study Line. I don’t normally press seams open but felt that they will be less bulky when sewing the rows together. It’s a little bit slower but looks nice…


I still have lots of triangles to piece. I’m setting them out row by row as I go. I have lots left…


Wish me happy sewing…


Yes that’s a VCR under the new sewing tv. Lol!!! I have a lot of videos still and I’m not ready to get rid of them yet. I like to watch movies I’ve already seen while sewing because then I don’t really need to pay close attention. 

3 thoughts on “Wedding Quilt 

  1. How did the quilt turn out? Only a few more days until the big event! I hope you have taken some pictures. Love the fabric.

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