Resolutions Yea or Nay!


Let me start by saying that I do NOT ever make New Year Resolutions. I just think they are silly. BUT… my lovely husband always has and finally I feel inspired to make a few. I really see them as challenges though and I hate to let myself down!

I figure that I can keep myself accountable by throwing these ideas out into the world…

1) I have decided to not buy any new shoes or clothes for the year! Despite what you may think, this does not have anything to do with saving money, although John is very pleased! It has more to do with the fact that I feel I already do have a lot of clothes that I love but hardly ever wear because I keep getting new things. I don’t want to get behind the fashion of course but I think I can get through 1 year. I also hope it will help to purge my closet of things I don’t really wear and I’ll be left with those items that are really comfortable and that I actually like to wear. I hope it will help in the future when buying new things. I’d rather spend money on lovely basics rather than buying the current trends on the cheap. I guess there is a balance but I want to explore this challenge. Of course if I were to get giftcards from say… Lululemon then I would be allowed to buy a treat!

2) I want to try and cook with my magazine recipes more often. I started this collection years ago but it’s grown since we were in England because of the great recipes in the Waitrose and Sainsbury’s grocery store magazines. I have it all organized in folders…




On the outside of the folder I’ve written down the names of the recipes I’ve tried so I can remember what I liked. I decided to make my own folder headings because store bought recipe holders don’t seem to work too well for vegetarians. I decided that most recipes for a Main Meal can be sorted into “Main-Pasta” “Main-Pastry” or “Main-Other”. I also have sections for salads, soups, dips and sauces, and appetizer type recipes. The baking was harder. I was living in the UK at the time so I have “Savory Baking”, “Sweets Baking” and “Puddings” which are general desserts. I’ve since added a “Cake” folder and one for “Cookies and Tray Bakes” which we call Squares.

I think 2 resolutions is enough right! If you do too many I think you feel like a failure at the end of February when you’ve given up.


and feel free to check on my progress…


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