Sleepover Extravaganza!

Why have I been so horrible at blogging since we moved back from the UK! It’s not like I haven’t been creating. Oh well, I guess my upcoming New’s Year’s resolution will be to document my adventures more. I’m also thinking about starting some sewing classes if we move to a new house. Right now we are in a wee house with not a lot of room for extra people. The people that do come to stay over have to be teeny tiny. One of my favourite ankle biters to have over is Lady Fia. I’ve been meaning to show what we came up with on her last sleepover. You can tell from the picture that she would often arrive with her stuff in a nasty old grocery bag. Not cool right, so of course I had to make her a sleepover tote. I figured that this would be a good first project for her to help me with…


A week before the sleepover she went to Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph with me to choose fabric. Shocking she picked something purple and pink! She does have good taste though; I love the unicorns! (The fabric is from Heather Ross’ Far Far Away 2 collection.) She was terribly excited to get started but for a 4 year old showed an amazing amount of concentration to measure, cut and sew almost the entire bag. Of course she’d had enough after awhile and I finished it up during “quiet time”…

IMG_5727 IMG_5722 IMG_5720

She was very proud of the final product and I had a blast craftin’ with her. What to do next…


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