Knitting Update

First, I finally got some Jona Gold apples and whipped up this apple butter from Moody Little KitchenIMG_5661.JPG




Now…I said I would share the lace wrap mom is doing for me. I just got word that she’s on the last row! It’s a beautiful pattern from Ysolda called Orchid Thief. I chose Madeline Tosh Fingering weight from the Needle Emporium.




I’ve also been wearing this Lonely Tree Shawl a lot as well. It’s the smaller version. It just wraps around enough…





5 thoughts on “Knitting Update

  1. Hope you save a little taste for Grammie.Why did you choose Jona Gold ? I thought any apples could be made into butter.
    Can not wait to try some on toast,Yum Yum !!!!

    • Of course I’ll save you some! I used Jona golds because that’s what my friend suggested on her blog. She was at an apple farm in BC and the farmer suggested them in particular. Maybe because they are nice and sweet.

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