A Wee Baking Post

I’m knitting a new project but don’t want to share it quite yet. Also, I need to share the lace shawl mom is so excited to start for me but a quick baking blog instead.

First a huge shout out to mom who just finished the most gorgeous apron ever for me…



She really is the best. She found this amazing macaron fabric. Not only little pretty macarons but other yummy patisserie treats as well. I love the ruffle at the bottom. I think it was a MaCall’s pattern. Mom, want to weigh in on that in comments? If you are lucky she will post the pattern number. It’s simply the cutest. She shortened the neck a bit because I don’t like it too droopy in the front.

I baked my first item in the apron tonight too….

I whipped up banana date scones from my new Bunner’s cookbook. All gluten free and vegan. Whilst I don’t need to eat gluten free, I know a lot of people who do and I like to experiment and try new techniques. Bunner’s has a cafe in Toronto apparently but I haven’t been yet. This is their first cookbook I think. I saw it on a table at Indigo and just impulse bought…


Really rather tasty recipes I’d have to say! The sugar donuts are a favourite already and the Pumpkin Chocolate chip muffins. I often find a bizarre aftertaste with gluten free items but these seem to be ok. I recommend to check it out!


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