Needle Emporium

I had a fabulous day yesterday working at the Needle Emporium with mom. I hadn’t worked there in awhile and had forgotten how fun it can be to help people shop for yarn! The owner of the store, Julie, keeps a well stocked store with new things arriving everyday. It’s like a big treasure chest! If you can’t find something to knit with here you don’t really want to knit 🙂

I haven’t shown pics of the store for awhile now so take a look at the inspiration…






You need to look up and down and all around for lots of cute goodies…





Lots of great accessories too…


Mom tries to keep it all organized…


It’s fun to see what people are buying. Lots if Christmas knitting is happening right now and baby gifts. Cowls and wraps are popular too. I found a cowl I’d love to do. Even picked colours. This chateau yarn from Classic Elite is to die for soft…


I like the purple and green and mom liked the blues of course!

If you haven’t been to the store in awhile then time to go! I did break down and get one treat for a lacy project that mom is going to do for me. Stay tuned, it’s a beauty…

8 thoughts on “Needle Emporium

    • Hmmmmm I was worried someone would ask. Thank you. I’ve looked it up …it’s an old Nashua pattern called the surplice lace top in the Nashua booklet called the North American designer collection No.4. I actually did it in the ecologie cotton it called for. Julie may still have the book and you could use other yarn. See store website or visit!

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