KW Knitter’s Fair Inspiration

Well, summer holidays over. I know this because I’m feeling crafty again and we had the KW Knitter’s Fair on Saturday. I apologise if you wanted to come; I should have posted about it before!

This is always an inspiration for me and I spent most of yesterday knitting.

First here are some shots from the Needle Emporium booth. I love helping out with Julie’s booth each year. Of course I’m totally biased when it comes to her store but it is the best 🙂 …






This year Julie featured the new yarn called Mrs. Crosby. It’s LOVELY and comes in all different weights in the same colour. Here were some of my favs…




How could you not spend time knitting after this show! I picked a cowl to try and finish up; it’s a pattern from Purl Diving that you can find here on Pattern Fish… (Yarn is Madeline Tosh Sock…)



Just 2 more repeats to go. I really need to finish some things up!

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