The Beach

The summer adventure continued from Barcelona to Castelldefels, a beach town about 20 min from downtown Barcelona. It was an amazing decision after the sweaty and hot touring of the city. Again I think I booked a great hotel, one of the only ones on the beach side of the road and we had a balcony overlooking the sea…20140727-115349-42829667.jpg

Came in handy for watching the kite surfers one evening…thinking of my kite loving father…



We also happened to luck into a fantastic local festival on Saturday night. It was incredible with stalls, food, a parade and massive stage set up on the beach to show a play of the local history, complete with music and fireworks…










Further down the beach a classic beach rave was going on. It was actually quite cool with DJ beats while one guy played the electric violin and another a sax…


I enjoyed Spain but I have to admit I was excited to drive back to France where I could at least understand the language a bit better and be back at our friend’s holiday home for the third lucky year in a row…stay tuned

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