Pretty Planter

Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for my latest crafty adventure. I was reading the blog Sew Caroline and she was saying how one of her most popular blog posts was all about a quick DIY flower planter. See here if you want to check out her post.

This is my finished version…

A couple weeks ago, on garbage day, I passed these two already sanded chairs that I thought would make the cutest holders for this idea…


John helped me get primer and paint at Dulux. Admittedly, it was an impulse stop and we could have definitely found cheaper paint but I wanted to do it right then and there, you know how it is when inspiration strikes right! Anyways, we got white spray outdoor primer and a small tin of paint in “Thai Teal”. They didn’t have a nice range of spray paint so we decided to use brushes. (Actually, I have since seen a ton of colours of spray paint at Walmart of all places and I bet if we’d looked around we could have found a similar colour in spray. Oh well, it wasn’t that much more work.) I sprayed them with the white primer and let them dry for a bit…

and then John helped me to paint…



It took me awhile to find baskets I liked; they needed to be 16″ and not too expensive. I think they came out darling. One for me and one for mom. Mine has the purple flowers and mom’s is sitting out the front with her pansy planters…






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