Bye Bye March Break

I refuse to get the Sunday blues today because not everyone can say that they just had a week off work. That being said where does the time go! I need more days to get John’s sweater done. If you think I even got the front finished you’d be very wrong. If you guessed I started another project then you know me well.

I love the book “Weekend Hats” and have always wanted to make something from it…


It was hard to pick the first one to do but after going through my yarn stash which has only recently been unpacked from the UK (we haven’t moved yet because the bathroom is still being renovated but I can go over to the house we are renting and get some of my things) I was able to narrow it down to this one…the “Topiary Beanie”…

It’s got a lovely lace pattern in the front and slouchy at the back.

I discovered 3 balls of Lousia Harding yarn at the bottom of the bucket…

The gauge appeared to be perfect and the colour would show off the lace pattern nicely so I went with it.

The tubular cast-on instructions in this book were not as good as the one I just did for the Jared Flood leaflet for the “Altair” hat but it worked out in the end and I was off and running…



I’ve finished 2 of the 3 lace pattern repeats. It’s been a fun one, hard to do a knit 4 together with fluffy yarn but I’m managing!


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