Finished Altair Cap

I’m sure there are many people out there who think that I would never finish another knitting project every again! Not true 🙂 I finished my Altair Cap, click here for the ravelry description…


I love it! It’s very comfy and was fun to knit. I was worried that it wouldn’t fit because I find that Madeline Tosh yarn looks so tight and teeny when I’m knitting it but it stretches like mad. I’m still happy with the colours I chose but I still think it needed more of a contrast…




(Note: It was meant to be a about 6″ from the cast-on before you start the crown shaping but I was knit happy and went almost 8″. I didn’t bother taking it out so it’s just slouchier than it should have been. Fine with me.)

I have enough sock yarn left to do another hat for sure…


I’m going to use the pinky colour and some of mom’s darker purple to do another one I think. There will be a better contrast…


I took all of these pictures on the way to finally getting my hair done. I was so sick last week I had to cancel. Now I don’t need to wear a hat because it’s presentable now! I missed such a good hairdresser. One thing I missed about Canada!…



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