Blankie Surgery

I feel like a hero this week after saving a special blankie from a perilous fate…

Like most little ones, Lady Fia has a special blanket that is required bedtime paraphernalia. Unfortunately, after many years of cuddling every corner was destroyed…


Of course I wanted to help but what to do? After much consultation with mom we decided the best solution would be to cut blankie down to a smaller rectangle with all the bad corners cut off. It would also take care of the edges that had a slight pipping on them. By doing this I could add a traditional quilt binding around the entire quilt. Below are some pictures of the process…





It was a bit difficult because the quilt batting was very thick, not like the thin cotton batting that I normally use for my quilts. (It was more of a blanket than a quilt.) In the end I think it turned out really well! It’s a bit wonky but it won’t rip anymore. Lady Fia was just delighted to get it back. Can you imagine how two nights without favourite blankie went at bedtime? I hear she was a trooper…


The best part of returning the blankie was her reaction that it was smaller. Her mum asked her why she would say it was smaller/how did she know? She replied that she knew it was smaller because when she covered herself up to sleep the night before she noticed it didn’t cover her feet! What a smart little girl.

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