Grain Store

I haven’t blogged about food in awhile because I know we are moving back and am taking full advantage of the lovely ready made meals here instead of cooking! We also have been eating out like today at lunch when we ate at the Grain Store in Granary Square behind King’s Cross. I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile after seeing a short article about it in a magazine, can’t remember which one. It’s fairly new I think and has won awards for sustainability. Check it out here.

20140105-071947 pm.jpg

Interesting menu with lots of veggie options and a hip vibe. I chose a bit of a mushroom theme. Mushroom croquettes to start; followed by wild creamy mushroom and fried egg; I finished with a coconut kafir lime tapioca. Lovely…

20140105-072252 pm.jpg

20140105-072312 pm.jpg

Mom and John ate well too…

20140105-072406 pm.jpg

20140105-072414 pm.jpg

20140105-072502 pm.jpg

The square outside the restaurant is worth a quick look. There are three large fountain installations on the ground that go up and down at various times and heights which makes it all sound like music as the water hits at different rates. Quite clever!

20140105-073150 pm.jpg

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