All Done

I can’t believe the Gift Fair is over! It was a wonderful event and drum roll please…we raised £12,000 for Parkinson’s UK and Herts Young Homelessness. Amazing, right! It was a crazy few days from set up Thursday night…

20131125-052337 pm.jpg

20131125-052345 pm.jpg

20131125-052352 pm.jpg

20131125-052401 pm.jpg

To set up on Friday morning…

20131125-052500 pm.jpg

20131125-052511 pm.jpg

20131125-052522 pm.jpg

While I was running around organising and talking to vendors John did one heck of a job setting up the gogolittlered booth! Thanks…

20131125-052659 pm.jpg

20131125-052706 pm.jpg

20131125-052718 pm.jpg

I sold a few things but mainly wanted to see what people thought. I’m rich in compliments! A lot of people were interested in lessons too which is fabulous. Long live making and doing!

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