Renegade Craft Fair

You know how you see advertisements for things and you’d really like to go but never do? Well this time I did! In the Mollie Makes magazine and at Raystitch in London I kept seeing this ad for the Renegade Craft Fair that looked quite good. Nothing mass produced, all small artisan stalls. Check out the site here. Last Saturday John and I went to visit a good friend at his new home in Eastbourne, by the sea. We weren’t sure if we wanted to drive into Central London but when we woke up Sunday morning and the weather was so sunny and beautiful, we knew it was the perfect day for an exploring outing.

Before we left for the Fair we couldn’t resist walking down to the water to take a quick stroll…


The weather really was a treat last Sunday!

We were quickly off to Brick Lane in the East End of London. We had NO idea what to expect but were pleasantly surprised. The fair was at the old Truman Brewery…





There were a lot of graphic artists selling cards and pictures, as well as some different jewellery. One guy in particular was doing rings and bangles made from old metal measuring tapes. Given my love of sewing I don’t actually know why I didn’t get one. I was obviously being very restrained. (Mom would have been proud!) It really was one of the best craft fairs that I have been to in a long time. It is amazing to see how creative people are. Check out the Renegade site to see more.

We were very hungry by this point and were curious about all of the different food that people seemed to be eating on the streets. Apparently, this area comes alive on a Sunday and different car parks become filled with food and gift stalls. We went for a mixed curry roti, yum!…



After wandering the packed food stall market we noticed another market that snaked through a variety of buildings. It was a fun mini-adventure…



It was just our kind of day!

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