Pattern Block

I’m on the train to Gatwick Airport and looking forward to a trip to Italy for a few days! It’s half term next week and John an I are meeting my Aunt and Uncle. We fly to Pisa and then go south. Should be a lovely time.

Before we go I thought I’d share a bit of what I did last weekend on my pattern cutting course at Raystitch. It was a lot of information to take in but fascinating. You could take full year courses on this subject so it was only a quick intro. We made a skirt block and an upper body bodice block to personally fit us. I find commercial patterns difficult for me because I have a wide upper back. The idea is that I can use these blocks to create patterns for skirts, tops and dresses. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to a trouser block but maybe one day…

We started with the skirt block. We took our hip, waist, waist to hip and waist to knee measurements. Then we actually drew these right on muslin. We quickly sewed it together, made adjustments to the pleats and created a paper block. I learned that a block isn’t a pattern but a starting point of measurements from which patterns are created. Here’s some pics of the skirt block process…

20131024-094241 am.jpg

20131024-094256 am.jpg

20131024-094308 am.jpg
Oh boo, sorry, thought I had a picture of me wearing the block. Never mind, I have ones of the bodice block. Don’t mind my midriff and pale skin, not the best lighting …

20131024-094456 am.jpg

20131024-094512 am.jpg

20131024-094523 am.jpg

After completing the blocks we took small paper versions and learned how to make pattern designs by simply adjusting where you put the darts. I really understand more about patterns now and hopefully can even adjust commercial patterns to fit a bit better before I start cutting out fabric…

20131024-094657 am.jpg

Maybe when we get back from Italy I will try to make up a pattern for a simple skirt! For now though all thoughts are on Italy…


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