Embroidery Girls

I’m on my way back to Raystitch this morning for another weekend sewing course. This time on pattern cutting. Click here to see about the course. This is my last course that I’ve booked here for awhile a whole weekend does take it out of you and the evening ones would be too hard for me to get to. Stay tuned for a pattern cutting update.

Week update though…if you follow gogolittlered on Instagram or if you’ve noticed my Instagram updates on my blog side bar, you will notice that I’ve gone nuts embroidering using pictures from Aneela Hoey’s book Little Stitches. Check out Little Red in all her playful poses…

20131019-090357 am.jpg

20131019-090409 am.jpg

20131019-090422 am.jpg

20131019-090433 am.jpg

20131019-090444 am.jpg

20131019-090454 am.jpg

20131019-090504 am.jpg

I’m thinking of putting them all together with other fabric to make a wall hanging or quilt.


4 thoughts on “Embroidery Girls

  1. Enjoy your classes. It is so worthwhile to take things like this in a block of time where you are not rushing to finish! Love all your hand work. Did you teach yourself to hand stitch? What will you do with your squares when finished? They are delightful!

  2. How did you choose the moniker “little red”? I really enjoy reading your blog. I live in Waterloo so am familiar with your references to Greenwood Quiltery and The Needle Emporium!

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