Little Stitches

On Saturday I spent a lovely afternoon at Raystitch in London embroidering with Textile designer Aneela Hoey. I adore her fabric and whimsical pictures. She was very nice too! There were 6 of us taking the class and not a Brit amongst us which we found amusing. My friend Pamela came with me and she’s recently moved here from Ireland.

Aneela started by talking about her new book called “Little Stitches – 100+ Sweet Embroidery Designs.” Check out the book here. I think it’s a useful book of simple embroidery stitches that you could adapt to do many projects. It includes the sketches to copy on fabric or iron-on transfers. I got a copy with the class…


We all stitched a lovely little snow globe scene that I think I will incorporate into a winter wonderland pillow (stay-tuned for that)! We were all concentration…




Of course I was excited to meet Aneela and decided it wasn’t so geeky to bring along one of my earlier quilts done with her Sherbert Pips fabric. She was very gracious and appreciated seeing what I’d done with her designs…



Pam and I both finished our globes by the end of the class. It’s way too cute and I’m inspired to do many more…

Mine’s on the left.

The best thing about the class was that I got to see how simple and relaxing this kind of embroidery can be. I envision taking it as a good travel project. I can’t wait to enlarge her girl on a bike image and embroider a gogolittlered version! I can also see this as an easy project for children and would like to try at school with some girls…and boys soon!


5 thoughts on “Little Stitches

  1. How exciting, I saw some Aneela fabric on ebay once and didn’t buy it – I’ve regretted it ever since as I’ve not seen the print since.

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