Sewing Mom Update

I thought it was about time to share some more pictures of what gogolittlered mom has been doing. You may remember that she was also doing a hexi project at the cottage. She got obsessively hooked on sewing her hexagons at the cottage and each morning when I woke up she was already sitting with her coffee piecing away. Her dedication has paid off though because she is much further along than myself at finishing. Take a peek…




I love the more traditionally retro fabric she chose. It really is special. Way to go mom! I wonder what she’s going to put on the back.

Mom’s also been busy whipping up some autumnal pillows. Love the hints of K. Fasset fabrics shining through…



A little while ago mom got the couch recovered in this lovely neutral so that she could jazz it up seasonally with quilts and pillows. We love change in our family so it gives a fresh look to the house throughout the year so we don’t get bored! I think mom gets it from my Grammie who always has a beautifully updated looking decor! Oh, I miss my family now… 🙂

Exciting news though…tomorrow I do an embroidery class with Aneela Hoey who’s fabric I adore. Here’s the first quilt that I did with her fabric…

Maybe I’ll take it for her to sign?

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