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It’s nice to have a very supportive husband who happens to be in marketing. It means the encouragement to think about a logo design for GoGoLittleRed and a step into the future. I’m starting by trying my hand at selling some baby quilts at an up coming gift fair in town. I’m a member of the Harpenden Ladies’ Circle which is group of like minded women who come together for fun and fundraising. This year we are raising money for Parkinson’s UK and Hertfordshire Young Homeless. Each year the Circle runs a fantastic gift fair at the Public Halls in Harpenden. To support the cause and the gauge interest in the things I make I decided to have a stall.

John has been helping with marketing material and I’m very excited to introduce my new logo, stamps and oooooo ahhhhhh business cards! (You’ve probably already noticed my new blog header.) Very exciting changes…






Who knows where it could go from here. Stay tuned for links to my Etsy Store as well. We’ll see what happens you never know right, at least that is what John, the loving husband, keeps telling me. If you’ve seen the movie “About Time” yet then you will appreciate my carpe diem attitude! (You HAVE to try and see this movie if you haven’t already. It’s brilliant, funny, sad, clever…best movie I’ve seen in years and if you know me you know I like a movie, often.

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