Weekend Around Home

It’s been a lovely weekend here in the UK, actually sunny and warm. I’ve done some sewing and touristy things, perfect!

First, I’ve been remiss in introducing you to a little fellow that John surprised me with when I got back to the UK this summer. He over looks my sewing as quality control…

20131006-020015 pm.jpg
Cute gogolittered boots eh!

I finished off a couple baby quilts this weekend and a retro looking Christmas table runner. I’ve kept a red version of the Christmas panel for myself of course…

20131006-021609 pm.jpg

20131006-021557 pm.jpg

20131006-021620 pm.jpg

20131006-021544 pm.jpg

On the touristy side we finally made it out to the Roald Dahl museum about a half hour from our house in Great Missenden. It was a wonderful little museum on the high street where he lived. They neatest bit was seeing his writing hut as it was (of course they moved it inside the museum but it is still the real thing). Check out how tall we are compared to Dahl and his characters…

20131006-024225 pm.jpg

20131006-024214 pm.jpg

20131006-024202 pm.jpg

20131006-024150 pm.jpg

20131006-024136 pm.jpg

20131006-024238 pm.jpg

20131006-024121 pm.jpg

A short walk from the museum is the cemetery were Dahl is buried. It was a lovely spot. Check out the BFG foot prints! What a wonderful imagination he had…

20131006-024858 pm.jpg

20131006-024909 pm.jpg

The town itself is worth a visit. With some cute shops and quaint houses…

20131006-025101 pm.jpg

20131006-025116 pm.jpg

20131006-025125 pm.jpg

Hope you had a relaxing weekend too.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Around Home

  1. I can’t believe it took you this long to visit this museum! 🙂 If I had known this existed I would have insisted we go there when we were visiting 🙂 Roald Dahl was my absolute fav!! Really nice quilts…and you have a personal tag for them now. You crazy girl (so cool) and you’re Christmas runner makes me drool……xxooo….N & P

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