Sureau Dress

A quick follow up from my last post of sewing at Raystitch…

Last night I had time to alter the Sureau dress that I did on Sunday. It was too sloppy on top so I took in the darts at the back about an inch each. I also had to make the elastic in the sleeves a wee bit smaller and it needed to be hemmed. Don’t look closely because the hemming job was a disaster. I may redo it but that didn’t stop me from wearing it to work today!!!…



In November I’m going to have a lesson with the instructor from the course at home and she has kindly offered to alter the pattern for me so that I get the top of the smaller size next time. It can also be altered to make a nice blouse. I’d also like her to cut a pattern for doing short sleeves. I’m so excited! I might have multiple copies of this dress for all seasons!

4 thoughts on “Sureau Dress

  1. You are amazing to sew a dress on Sunday and wear it to the classroom on Monday. Like most new ventures the more you do
    the easier it gets My teacher always told us if you scrimp on cheap fabric you will end up with a cheap dress. Try to purchase
    Quality material. LOVE Grammie

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