Dress Making Class

I’m so excited to tell you about my weekend sewing course at Raystitch in London. They were very full days but who doesn’t love a weekend of sewing right! It was also really nice to meet other like minded people. There were six of us as well as a lovely instructor, who was very patient. Don’t we look a happy bunch!…



The pictures below are of the Deer and Doe patterns that we aimed to make in two days. Check out their website here



On Saturday we started with the Chardon Skirt. Moyna Hamilton, the instructor, made this example for us to check out…



It actually turned out to be more work for a skirt than we thought but I learned a few things. I was thrilled with my invisible zipper for example…


See, all smiles!

The belt loops were a bit tedious as well but in the end I’m glad I did them because I think it looks nice with a belt. I got to sport it today, yeah…


Sunday’s Sureau Dress didn’t turn out as well but I think it can be fixed. I learned I’m smaller on top than the bottom, typical right. I chose to cut the larger size than the model Moyna made but it looked a bit sloppy. I am going to adjust the darts at the back. Here is my semi-finished version…


It should look a little more fitted…



The bodice of the dress was fun to make with the gathers. Here of some of the others in the class…



I love the bird and moon fabric from Cloud 9 fabrics. Unfortunately, another sewer got the last of this fabric so I’ll have to order some online I think!

So many things I want to make now! I want to do another version of the skirt in a more summer weight fabric with a bottom contrast fabric like the sample and the dress in a funkier fabric with short sleeves for the summer. If I feel up to it I may fix the dress tonight so that I can wear it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Dress Making Class

  1. Wow – where dya get all your energy?! You’ve been busy! I love the new design on your blog homepage – very cool. When ya gonna start making me skirts?!! Can I commission you?

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