John and I are spoiled to be able to go into London for dinner! I’m taking a weekend dressmaking sewing course at Raystitch in London (Islington area) on the weekend so we went in tonight to get fabric. I suddenly realised last night I needed to wash the fabric first so off we went after work tonight.

I know I’ve mentioned I love going into St. Pancras before but it really is such a nice vibe (probably because I don’t have to do it everyday for work)! It was a nice evening tonight and a few sights filled me with joy at being here…overflow pubs and flower stalls…

20130927-083058 PM.jpg

20130927-083137 PM.jpg

Of course Raystitich is around the corner from my favourite restaurant, Ottolenghi! Did I plan it that way…hmmmmm. I can’t even explain how I love the flavours here. I adore the roasted eggplant salad with this yummy yogurty dressing sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. We had a gorgeous corn fritter with a side of pickled beet and yogurt. The courgette (zucchini) and broccoli salad was to die for as well. We also splurged for the rum chocolate fondant cake! I’m in food bliss right now writing this post.

I have a lovely chambray fabric to wash, a heavier blue twill and a lovely faded red Robert Kaufman cotton. I got all three because I couldn’t decide which I would use on the weekend…

20130927-083718 PM.jpg

On this course I will be making 2 patterns by Deer and Doe, the Chardon Skirt and the Sureau dress. Not sure about how the skirt will look on me but am eager for the dress. I hope to just gain some extra confidence in making my own clothes. It’s 10-5:30 Saturday and Sunday so it better be worth it or a weekend lost!!!


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