Back to the UK

The first week of school is finished so now I feel like summer is truly over and the autumn has begun. I flew back to the UK last week and bizarrely had trouble with my WordPress app on the iPad so was waiting to make my first post back after the summer. Magically, as all things computers seemed to do, it just started working again.

I had a wonderful summer at the cottage and was lucky to also be able to see many friends that I haven’t seen in some time. It’s always nice to catch up with people. I was even able to give another dress away to a very sweet peanut…

Yes, she’s a dancer!

At the cottage mom and I worked hard on our hexagons too! We didn’t finished, of course, but we sure did sew a lot. I actually didn’t get as much reading time, my only regret! I can’t complain though because I think I probably had the most beautiful place to sew on earth…




It was funny because I couldn’t stop taking pictures of my little finished hexi pieces. They were so cute all piled up and then sewn together…




I also got pics of mom’s fabric way as well…


We did so many that I even had to take out some of the papers from the inner flower…

Tip: take the time to hole punch your pieces for easier taking out.

I will leave you today with some cottage shots. Especially check out my pet frog in his interesting housing choice, my dad’s kites and as always the amazing Georgian Bay rocks and sunsets…









Goodbye cottage, hope to be there next year!

Mom and I keep sewing away on our hexies so I will definitely keep you updated. I’m also trying to convince mom to do some “Mom Monday” posts so we’ll see what happens there. She’s making so many neat things that it would be a shame not to show the off too!


2 thoughts on “Back to the UK

  1. Your new blog is amazing.Georgian Bay is beautiful from every angle. Love to see your colourful hexies.Pa
    thinks the paint cans and brushes is a very good picture ,photography wise. Off to church.We had a great time
    at Kathy,s 80th birthday party yesterday.We always cherish the occasions to see old friends from the Bay and
    relatives we don,t get to see very often.Must run.

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