Touring Jersey

Jersey has been a whirl wind of sight seeing. We started with a tour of the beach and church where Lady Fia’s parents were married. It’s always been a sore point that I couldn’t attend their wedding 10 years ago because I was in New Zealand. I vowed to see Jersey at some point after that. They were married in the cutest church…

Interestingly there were many German soldiers buried here who have since been mode to a grave yard in France…




For a more organised tour we went to the Jersey War Tunnels. It was originally built as a dry armoury in tunnels underground but when the Germans thought they may be attacked by the British they also made it into an underground hospital. It was never used. It was incredible as there are kilometres of tunnels and larger rooms. The museum was very well done, explaining the surrender to the Germans, life under occupation and the final liberation. You can also see unfinished tunnels. It’s hard to imagine that prisoners were able to build something so stable and lasting…


I also found a bit of crafty information, of course for a very real purpose not just for fun…


Most of the rest of our time has been spent ogling the beautiful scenery. We even got out in Fia’s grandpa’s fishing boat for a tour. Here are some scenery shots from around the island…





We’ve also had some lovely times with our friends. It’s been so fun to see the kiddies having fun. For those interested check out our fun below…






Jersey cream soft serve ice cream can’t be beat. It’s the best soft serve I’ve ever had, so buttery and thick.

We ended the day yesterday with a lobster and crab feast, caught by Fia’s Grandpa. My dad would have loved that!…


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