A Jersey Bean

We are having the most wonderful time visiting Lady Fia and Lord Isaac in Jersey. I don’t even know where to start!

When we left France for Jersey we caught the ferry from St. Malo in France…






It was a quick hour and twenty minutes to Jersey and the view coming in was beautiful…


Lady Fia was in full silliness when we arrived as she was very excited to see us. She quickly tried on her seashore dress…



It fit her perfectly I think!

We said a quick hello to her mum’s parents and hit our first beach, lovely soft white sand…


The island is amazing as it’s riddled with history from both early French and later German fortifications. Like the above in the water, you can see these all over the island.

Later in the day we cycled to and had ice cream on a German bunker, as you do…






The view is outrageous! Stay tuned for more Jersey adventures…

6 thoughts on “A Jersey Bean

  1. While you are visiting Jersey I just happen to be watching a TV series called ‘Island at War’. Incredible history. Are you near St. Aubin?

  2. Have you tried a Jersey Royal Potato? Can’t believe you haven’t found a yarn or fabric shop….yet!
    So enjoying your blog. Thank you.

  3. Take lots of pictures of the historical sites. They would be a great asset to a Social Studies/History unit or to accompany a historical fiction novel like Sarah’s Key. Also to develop point of view and historical literacy. Unfortunately I just can’t help thinking like a teacher!

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