Au revoir south-west France

I can’t believe that the first leg of our trip is over. I was so looking forward to visiting our friend Roland again at his relaxing holiday home in Francescas, a sleepy town in south-west France. It seemed like only a few months ago that I took a photo just like this…

I loved this picture from last year so had to pose for it again!

The cold weather effected this area of the world as well so the sunflower fields were a few weeks behind but still showing their faces in enough fields to get a picture…


We revisited a few activities from last year, namely a lovely cycle ride to a scrumptious lunch…


Thank goodness it was mostly down hill home after our lunch!

We eat a lot of lovely food with Roland…


I’m happy that we were still around this Saturday because it is the big market in the neighbouring town of Nérac that we missed last year. It was very busy. I’m sure everyone from the surrounding towns were out for market day…










Once again I love France, especially this area. Thank you to our wonderful host…


We are in Le Mans tonight and are going to take a 1hr fast train tomorrow to Paris for the final stage of the Tour de France! I hope this lovely HOT weather holds out.

When’s Kate going to have her royal baby anyways huh?

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