First Pillow

Yes you read the title of this post correctly, I have never sewn a pillow cover before. Not sure how that is possible because you would think it a basic beginner project but just never got around to it! I’ve had two of these pillows for years now and have even had fabric bought to cover them but oh well…


I actually didn’t even use fabric that I thought I would. I’ve had some lovely heavy l linen sailboat fabric from Ikea for ages and I was going to do curtains with it but now some of it is a pillow…



I had some hexagons done with Liberty fabric but didn’t really know what to do with them. As I have a Liberty fabric quilt on the couch I thought a pillow would be a nice touch. I totally made this up and was a bit worried that it would be a kind of ugly instead of a bit funky. I LOVE how it turned it though. I left the centre hexagon out of the grandma’s flower garden design so that it could showcase some of the pictures on the fabric like a frame…


I added extra comfort by using batting and lining for the front of the pillow and did a pretty diagonal line pattern to quilt them together.

For the back I did a flap over pocket design but wasn’t happy with how it didn’t really stay down over the pillow. I knew that would annoy me so at the end I was able to put in three button holes to keep it closed. I was excited to find a button with an anchor on it in my stash which adds to the nautical theme I think…




I’m quite chuffed with my first pillow, yeah me! Now I just need to do the other ugly pillow.

One thought on “First Pillow

  1. Love the pillow. Your creative juices are really flowing! Good use of your Liberty hexies. Excited to see pillow #2.

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