GoGo Project Pouch

To John’s constant amazement I whipped up an entire project in one morning yesterday. About a month ago I was reading Aneela Hoey’s blog Comfortstitiching and saw that she’d made up a pattern for a cute project book pouch. You can get the pattern as a download from her Etsy store here. Maybe it’s because we are going on holiday for 2 weeks very soon and I wanted something to bring projects away with me but whatever the case I was inspired to make it yesterday. Of course I’m also inspired by the Tour de France right now too so I decided on some Jay Cyn cycle fabric for the outer cover. I rooted through some scrap pieces and a few fat quarters and I had my fabric selection all picked out…I even used some old Aneela Hoey fabric for the lining…


The pieces got cut very quickly with the rotary cutter and ruler…


It came together very quickly. You need some very heavy and stiff Pellon interfacing. I didn’t have the iron-on it called for so used a little fabric spray to adhere it first…


The inner pockets are a bit loose and I wonder if I could have been more careful to pull them taught when sewing the layers together but if it sits upright in a bag it will be fine. I think I might even put on some wee Velcro dots to a few of the pockets that I may want kept tightly shut, like the one with my little scissors but for now I’ve just pined it shut with a needle. It’s very cute when finished I have to say. I love the tab for the button. I also got to use the last of these buttons. I’ve been using them on some kids clothes for other people and I’m thrilled to have finally used one for myself!!!…





Hmmmmmm I wonder if mom will want one for our semi-talked about/planned hexi-athon at the cottage this summer!


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