Clean Up Little Red

To store most of my fabric I was using cute boxes from Ikea that had some red of course…


Unfortunately, as a stash grows I found that the problem with these was that you couldn’t easily see what you’d hid away. Even though I tried to label them it wasn’t as fun as being able to walk in the room and gaze upon my lovely fabric. The only benefit I can see of these boxes is that they completely keep out the sunlight. As a replacement I found excellent clear plastic tubs that fit ideally in my large Ikea Billy bookcase.

First I had to clean up though…John had a laugh at this…

It did get worse before it got better…


At this point I’d made room for three more bins!…


Oh so tidy and nice, mom would be proud. I struggled to figure out how to organise it all but I settled on this system: boxes for my unreasonable collection of Christmas fabric, boxes for collections of material that I wanted to keep together from the same designer, a box for solids, dots and stripes and the rest is split into darks and lights. That’s how it will stay for now!


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