Poor Phone

Before my tragic phone story I want to welcome my Grandparents back to the UK. I picked them up at Heathrow last night and they are off on a cruise of the British Isles next week. We had a lovely day today at Hatfield House but I can’t share pictures because…

Yesterday I had my phone in my pocket and for a split second it went swimming in the toilet. Upon extensive internet research I have it sleeping in a bed of rice to dry out. Various websites said never to turn it on right away but of course you want to check it’s working so darn, did that. Then it said to not use a hair dryer to dry electronics but of course in my panic I did! Basically it will be a miracle if it works again. I feel lost without it and it’s my phone too, grrrrr….. I might have to bust out the old digital camera which seems so ancient tech now.

At least I’ve taken a number of photos of projects I’ve been working on lately so I can share one now.

I’ve had this little kit for awhile now to make a belt that I got from Greenwood Quiltery. I was bored the other afternoon so whipped it up…


It was easy to cut and sew together but annoying to pull right side out. With all my knitting I couldn’t find a straight knitting needle to save my life to help with the poking. I know I have one but just couldn’t locate it when I needed it (I use all circular or double pointed for everything). It took me along time to do this part, mainly with my teeth…


It did get done though…



It’s cute but could be a bit longer. I’ll spare you a pic of my waist!

4 thoughts on “Poor Phone

  1. My daughter dropped her little ipod into water when she was watering trees. We put it in a bag of rice for nearly a week. It works, but the view part never did come back, just the sound. Good luck with the phone.

  2. I had to do this once for something and it was very tiresome to turn it right side out. I stumbled upon a nice straight, sturdy ruller that really helped with the process 🙂 once I got the majority of the tedious work done – just a thought 🙂 Miss ya Sarah!

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