Quick Craftiness

Not a big project to share but one I’ve been meaning to finish for awhile now. When my mom was here last year I got these lovely not so little Liberty print letter patches. I thought I would add then as a quirky detail to my Liberty fabric couch quilt. See bottom right corner…

(I love how this quilt jazzes up this otherwise boring cream sofa.)

They were iron-on letters and the edges never stuck down properly. I knew I needed to sew around the edges but never got around to it. Yesterday I wasn’t the feeling the best and was lying on the couch with this quilt over me. I had also been hand sewing the binding on a quilt the day before so there was thread and needle on the table beside me. (Actually who am I kidding there is always some thread and needles lying around, much to John’s chagrin!)…


Sorry, I digress…I was somehow inspired to start sewing around the “A” with the matching thread that just happened to already be threaded in the needle beside me and TA DA! It finally got done…


Yeah me!

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