School House Tunic

Every now and then I fancy myself a seamstress. I’ve had the School House Tunic by Sew Liberated for awhile now but haven’t felt like tackling any clothes…


I’ve also had the fabric which I discovered was fabric by Ty Pennington! For those in Canada and the US you will know who I mean. I didn’t realise that when I bought it. I thought it would look good for this tunic. You be the judge…




John is utterly amazed that I just whipped this up while he was away in Copenhagen last week. He was even more blown away that I actually wore it to work today. He’s cute.

I made the 10-12 size and I think it’s a bit big but fits my wide shoulders. I admit I have not progressed to the stage of being able to adjust patterns in the pre-cutting stage. I kind of just pick a size and hope it fits. As a result I don’t always love the finished product. I dream of being able to fit a pattern more correctly to my body but I know it will come in time. I’ve ordered a couple of recommended books on the subject and hope to take more professional sewing courses soon. Before we moved I took Introduction to Industrial sewing at George Brown College in Toronto. We learned all different hems, seams, darts, and sewing curved seams. Unfortunately, we moved before I could continue with more basics like zippers, sleeves and collars. I was looking forward to the third section of courses where you made a tailored shirt. One day I’ll get to it. I think I have more skill at it than I think but I lack a bit of confidence with commercial patterns.

Here is some of the process…






It was fun. I’d like to do another in white islet for the summer.

9 thoughts on “School House Tunic

  1. Your tunic is very nice. Adjusting your pattern is fairly easy. It involves the middle of the middle if that make sense. I can see from your photos that this would be easy to alter. I am sure your books have good tips. Just remember the concept that the edges always have to remain intact, it is the middle that shrinks both length and width. Those are also the places that where you put the increase rather than just at the bottom. Good luck with that in the future.

  2. I am impressed with your sewing results. I studied the lines and you got it perfect front and back. That is why I steer away
    from plaids and patterns that need to match up. See you soon.

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