No More Donkeys

Sadly no funny donkeys did we see for the rest of our trip. Before we headed out to Salisbury we had to pack up our cases and I got to use this cute little drawstring bag that mom made me to put your dirty clothes when travelling…love it…


We had another unbelievably gorgeous day here on Sunday. After packing up we headed a few miles down the road to Salisbury. This is the cathedral town that inspired Ken Follett’s famous book The Pillars of the Earth. The cathedral and close area around were stunning. It truly looked like nothing had changed for years. There were medieval buildings around the close as well as lovely homes where people still live! We got to go in one of the house as it was a National Trust site…






I thought the cloisters courtyard was the best part…




Further up the road from Salisbury is Old Sarum which is the site of the first cathedral and castle from the time of William the Conquerer before they moved it to Salisbury…


We finished the day on Sunday by visiting a National Trust home called Monttisfont which is a beautiful house built around a 13th century monastery. You could still see parts of the old building in places throughout the house, like the old wine cellar…


We finished the day at another nice pub…


Stay tuned tomorrow for our Jane Austin adventure on the bank holiday Monday.


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