Frolicking Fun

Well, another Knitter’s Frolic has come and gone! I was working with Julie at the Needle Emporium booth and boy was it busy…well not before it opened…

20130427-085514 PM.jpg

20130427-085537 PM.jpg

Lynn and I were sporting our new Boardwalk vests. I think they were a hit…

20130427-085815 PM.jpg

My cute little Gnarled Oak was also on display. I love this one…

20130427-085923 PM.jpg

The Madeline Tosh was flying off the shelves; it sure is tasty! You have to knit with it at some point.

It was also very nice to meet a few blog readers in person! Thank you for saying hi.

I’m so very tired now and my legs are super achy. Time for a quick dinner and off to bed.


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