It’s like Christmas!

How much do you love getting packages in the post! It’s the best, especially when you know there is fabric all nestled inside that padded envelope. Oooo ahhhh…

20130410-061030 PM.jpg

I’ll unwrap it slowly for you…

20130410-061140 PM.jpg

And then that lovely moment when you fully unwrap…

20130410-061411 PM.jpg

Ta da, I finally broke down and got both Bernstein Bears lines in layer cakes. I have no idea what I’ll do with them yet but I’m thinking of adding it in with other modern fabric as to not make it too “Bernstein Beary” if that makes sense. Maybe an eye spy quilt?

It was like Christmas this week and not because of the silly cold weather but because my other Dan Stiles fabric from Birch fabrics arrived the next day. It was super on sale at Fabric Worm so I couldn’t resist. I think some of it will go nicely with his new Safari Soirée line…

20130410-062617 PM.jpg

20130410-062701 PM.jpg

20130410-062726 PM.jpg

20130410-062751 PM.jpg

I can’t wait to get creative!


7 thoughts on “It’s like Christmas!

  1. Bayside looks great and fits perfectly. Love fabrics. Read yesterday Heather Ross has a new fun line coming in July.

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