Happy Birthday Lady Fia

I had a baking extravaganza on Sunday in honour of Lady Fia’s 3rd birthday. What a sweet heart. I’m annoyed because I was originally scheduled to fly home today on her birthday but had to delay it a week to work, ugh! Sooooooo Fia I’ll see you soon beautiful!…


I made yummy Banoffee Banana Cupcakes from the front of the Spring Waitrose magazine…


I also made some rhubarb squares from an unknown typed recipe. I wonder if it’s my Grammie’s recipe but I’m not sure. They are super yummy and easy but very sweet…


Finally, I made these Chocolate Florintines which was a recipe from the cards that Sainsbury’s gives away. They were a bit comical to make in my teeny tiny fridge because you need to cool them in the fridge or freezer to set. There was a lot of moving things around to make this happen…


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lady Fia

  1. Okay – that was hard to look at on the first day back on my diet after March break! They look divine! There’s nothing like a cupcake to make you feel indulged on your birthday! Lady Fia is honoured that you would bake such an extravaganza for her! We can’t wait to see you Aunty Sarah!

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