It’s Saved

For weeks now I’ve just had the mitred square neck to do on the Boardwalk vest. I leave for home next Tuesday so I really wanted to get it done. The neck was fun to do and really quick because you are decreasing 6 stitches every right side row…


I also love how the neck and shoulder finishing is all done at the same time, such a time saver…


As you remember from previous posts I have been very stressed that the vest would turn out too small. Here it is all done before blocking, looking quite tiny…


I decided to wet block it as the instructions read and I think having it fully wet really helped me to block it out nice and stretched. I think blocking wires would help in future but I did my best…


When it was dry this morning I unpinned and voila it fit perfectly, yeah!…



I was so relieved that it held its stretched out shape and looked even better than before blocking actually. The bottom ridges look a lot more like the picture in the pattern when they are blocked out too. It has a lovely drape now and is really soft from the soak I used when I wet it. I can’t wait for Julie to see it and to wear it on April 27 at the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto.


3 thoughts on “It’s Saved

    • Hi, no worries there. I have about 20 projects on the needle which is totally shameful. After seeing how well this yarn turned out after blocking though I’m inspired to finish my Bayside Pullover. I’ll post pictures soon. It is small but I think now that it will block fine.

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